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“I love Redeemer because there are lots of sporting opportunities that you can choose from and if you have never played the sport before, the school will let you participate and give it a go. I also really enjoy break times because there are lots of places that you can choose from to play with your friends. All the teachers at Redeemer are the best teachers I have had and I really look forward to coming to school every day to see my teachers, learn more and play with my friends at break. This is why I love Redeemer.”
- Shae (Year 7)

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Upper Primary Years

Developing personal responsibility in learning

About Junior School Academic Program (P-6) Outdoor Education (3-6) Rob 7903

Upper Primary Years Program (Years 3-6)

Our Upper Primary Years Program serves to provide our students with opportunities to learn and grow in a safe, caring and nurturing environment, whilst at the same time building confidence as students become responsible for their own learning and behaviour.

Our Year 3 to Year 6 classrooms are specifically designed for Upper Primary School aged students. They are spacious, flexible to accommodate different styles and types of learning and are fully air-conditioned.

Students across Year 3 to Year 6 have ready access to a range of Technological devices, such as desktops, laptops, iPads and interactive whiteboards. These all aid in their learning and help to prepare our students to be twenty-first century learners.

The goal for our Upper Primary Years Program is to provide high-order thinking activities to create independent learners. Student centred learning and differentiation where we cater for different learning needs and styles is also a large focus in these age groups. Facilities such as our Science Lab, Flexible Learning Areas, Music rooms and Junior School Resource Room also provide opportunities for students to engage in learning in meaningful, relevant ways.

2016 saw the introduction of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) across the College. In Years 3-6, a laptop is recommended. Devices are used in the classrooms to consolidate learning of concepts through the integration of technology.