Redeemer Blog Tuesday, 24 Oct 2023

2023 College Captains Reflect

In February, we asked our 2023 College Captains some questions on behalf of the Courier Mail regarding the journey that was ahead of them. (You can r…

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Redeemer Blog Wednesday, 11 Oct 2023

Sports Awards Evening 2023

On the evening of 10 October 2023, Redeemer Sport students, families, coaches and staff gathered to recognise and celebrate the wonderful sporting ac…

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Redeemer Blog Thursday, 13 Oct 2022

Class of 2022 Final Bell

At 3.15pm on Thursday 13 October, our Year 12 students stood together as the bell rang at the end of their final school day. It was a wonderful displ…

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Redeemer Blog Thursday, 06 Oct 2022

World’s Greatest Shave and Ponytail Project Fundraiser Event 2022

On Wednesday 5 October, 30 courageous Year 12 students and one very brave staff member were supported by the College community as they put their head…

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Redeemer Blog Tuesday, 30 Aug 2022

Music Composition Played on Two Guitars!

Himalayas is composed by Year 12 guitarist, George Wang. It showcases George playing two guitars at the same time, fret tapping, harmonics and a vari…

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Redeemer Blog Monday, 29 Aug 2022

Year 10 and 11 Construction Cross River Rail Visit

Recently the Year 10 and 11 Construction students visited the Cross River Rail Experience Centre where they learnt about the Cross River Rail project…

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Redeemer Blog Tuesday, 16 Aug 2022

Music Extension Final Recital 2022

Congratulations to Redeemer's Music Extension students, who celebrated their final recital on Thursday, 4 August 2022! Students specialising in the P…

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Redeemer Blog Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Mt Binga Outdoor Education Reflections

On Friday 22 July, I had the privilege of visiting our Year 9 Group 2 students at Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre. I arrived at approximately 3.00p…

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