Redeemer's weekly newsletter

“My favourite thing about Redeemer is the quality of the teaching staff. Not only do they constantly perform at a high standard, they also ensure that each child's needs are met so no one falls behind. Each teacher brings something different to the school. I believe, that it is this variety of qualities that make Redeemer the school it is.”
- Taso S (Year 12)


The school is staffed by 82 qualified and experienced Teachers assisted by 70 Support Staff, including secretarial staff and trained library staff. One ordained chaplains, three lay-chaplain and a counsellor are employed full-time, and resource teachers administer remedial and gifted and talented programs and classes for students for whom English is an additional language.

Administration & Learning Executive

Principal Mrs Tanya Crooks
Deputy Principal Mrs Nicole Gregory
Director of Teaching & Learning P-12 Mr Aaron Hardke
Head of Senior School Mrs Anastasia Strong
Teaching & Learning Coordinator 7-12
Mr Michael Trott
Head of Junior School Ms Lisa Robinson
Teaching & Learning Coordinator P-6 Miss Tamara Zingelmann
Business Manager Mr Anthony Vassallo

Contacting Staff

To email a staff member, simply use the first initial and surname followed by (for example, for John Smith, use: If you do not receive a reply, please follow up your query with a phone call as sometimes technical difficulties delay or block messages.

If phoning the college, please use the following direct numbers:

Junior School Staff 07 3340 8810
Senior School Staff 07 3340 8850
Principal's Office 07 3340 8802
Business Office 07 3340 8808
Enrolments Office 07 3340 8807
Administration 07 3340 8888
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