Helping Hands

"A lot of people want to know what the yellow 'Helping Hands' van is all about!"

This van belongs to an organisation called “Helping Hands”. Helping Hands had its beginnings in 2009 with two founders working from a suburban garage. The aim was simple with profound effects - to reach out to those who struggle with life and lend a helping hand. They could be people who find themselves isolated, sleeping outside or in hostels, less advantaged, or just enjoy a cuppa and chat on a regular basis.

Our Saviour congregation and Redeemer Lutheran College have formed a joint ministry with Helping Hands to undertake a similar venture in our local community. I would take this opportunity to recognise the ground work done by Vince, Steve and Troy from Helping Hands that has led to us setting up a number of places for the yellow van to service every Friday night in our community. This means Helping Hands is now servicing Ipswich, Brisbane City and Mt Gravatt.

Currently our “route” or run takes us to three drop points. The first drop point is a housing commission complex where a large number of elderly and disabled people reside. This has developed into community sharing that is simply great. The second is a refuge for children and women. They have been eager to see the yellow van that produces hot dogs, milos and other beneficial items that are desperately needed. Finally we stop at the Mt Gravatt Community Centre to share light snacks and a warm cuppa with a young group of Christians from Burundi who meet there each week before going off to the city to evangelise. They enjoy our support and fellowship.

It is a general aim for the College to be responsible for term time and the Congregation to be responsible for holiday periods, but a crossover of people is always welcomed. This joint mission venture will become a regular part of Service Learning at the college.

If you would like to know more, or become involved yourself with either the background work or up front Friday nights, please contact us at the college.

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