Welcome to Our Saviour Playgroup

Fun and community for pre-schoolers and their families

Redeemer Lutheran College Multi-Purpose Centre Auditorium, Tuesdays during school term, 8.30am-10.30am

Our playgroup exists to provide fun and fellowship for pre-schoolers and their families. We aim to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children, where they can play, create, sing, learn and interact with other children. We also aim to support the families of pre-schoolers, by providing time for busy parents to meet and talk to other parents, and to play and interact with their children in a new environment. Our playgroup is a ministry of Our Saviour Lutheran Church at Rochedale.

Who is welcome?

Playgroup is open to all children of pre-school age and their parents or caregivers. Grandparents and other carers make a wonderful contribution to the group.

Our Mornings

A playgroup gathering is quite informal. Children have a number of different toys and activities to choose from, including craft, a dress-up box, cars, a toy kitchen, blocks, play-dough, and a “baby space”. Parents bring their child’s morning tea if applicable, and they can eat this at any time. At one point in the morning, we do some music activities with the children or read a story. Families are free to come and go according to their needs.

Benefits for the grown-ups, too!Parents and care-givers are encouraged to meet other parents, discuss issues of interest or concern, and enjoy a coffee. Our wonderful playgroup “nanna”, Kerttu, and many others are always happy to hold babies or watch toddlers while their parents have a drink and a chat.


The only cost to parents is a gold coin each week per family to cover morning tea, birthday cards for children, and other consumable items.

How can I help?

  • You could help by assisting in setting up or packing up.
  • We’d love for you to join in singing and storytime activities. This helps the person leading to keep kids interested and provides special time for you to play with your child.
  • Meet and make new people feel welcome.
  • You might like to join our rosters for bringing morning tea, reading stories or doing craft activities.
  • Feel free to invite friends and relatives along, too.
  • Most importantly, you contribute to the playgroup by joining in and having fun!

Support for Families

Our Saviour Playgroup is part of our children’s and Family ministry that includes Sunday morning gatherings and involvement in worship. We are keen to support families in practical ways as well as through counseling and spiritual care.

If you are going through difficulties, please talk to someone in the group. We are more than willing to help, and we can introduce you to one of our pastors. We’d love to help you learn more about Our Saviour as well and how you can be involved.

For more information

For more information, please contact Rachael Stelzer on 3848 6605 or 0422 433 229, or email

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