Learning Management System


Redeemer provides a Learning Management System (LMS) to further enhance the educational experience and outcomes at Redeemer. “MyRedeemer” provides teachers, students and parents the ability to embrace Web 2.0 technologies in the classroom and at home. This platform is available across the College from Prep to Year 12.

Teachers and Students:

  • Have access to excellent teacher developed and shared resources in its Resource Library.
  • Have the ability to deliver content (documents, media, links etc) at any time though this web-based platform.
  • Have a better way of accessing educational videos on YouTube. Teachers can enter YouTube links to the resource library, but the additional links, peripheral images, comments and ads are stripped away.
  • Have a safe and secure online extension of the classroom that’s designed specifically for educational purposes.
  • Are able to engage in collaborative learning through groups, wiki pages, discussions, blogs, closed messaging and more.
  • Extend class discussions online so even the quietest students may participate.
  • Have access to cloud file storage.


  • Have access to information and an insight into their student’s learning journey.
  • Assignment task sheets and due dates are readily available.
  • Homework is posted on MyRedeemer so you never have to again ask “Do you have any homework?”
  • Are able to see examples of your child’s work online.

MyRedeemer is used in a variety of ways to teach students about internet safety, digital citizenship and online communication skills.

Students login to MyRedeemer with their school username and password and no one can create a new or anonymous user. It is not possible for students to comment or upload anonymously on MyRedeemer. Parents are able to access their own child’s information, but not of other students.