Alumnus making a difference for our community

Recently we spoke with Shanice Timotius (Class of 2021 and College Captain) who served as the 2022 Youth Member for Mansfield in Queensland Youth Parliament.

Throughout 2022 she was the Youth Minister for Justice, Legal Affairs and Corrections, and she has spent many months consulting various stakeholders to draft legislation that reforms the approach for Public Trustee guardianship and administration orders in Queensland.

The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament (QYP) is quite literally, a Parliament of young people. It provides the largest apolitical forum for youth aged 15-25 years, equipping the leaders of tomorrow with skills to change Queensland's future today. Every year, 93 new Youth Members are selected for the program. Beyond bridging the gap between legislators and youth in Queensland, QYP also provides an outstanding opportunity for personal development, be that in leadership skills, public speaking ability or the lifelong friendships forged through the transformative experience. On the QYP website you can read more about the Youth Acts that were handede directly to the Minister for Youth and the Premier for distribution to Ministers and Members of Parliament for their consideration.

We are seeking young people aged 15–25 inclusive to apply for this amazing opportunity. You don't have to have any public speaking experience or any knowledge of politics, just as long as you are passionate about your community.

The YMCA QYP are currently seeking applications for the 2023 YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament and we would love to see nominations from Redeemer Lutheran College. Nominations can be submitted online, and close on Friday 24 February 2023.

The Youth Act, which Shanice has been instrumental in creating, has passed and will now go to various MPs to potentially be incorporated in future legislative reform.

Shanice also competed in the Lions Youth of the Year comp in Feb and got Overall Area Winner in the 201Q1 district!

We touched base with Shanice about her journey.

So, why do you recommend other students participate in this program?

"As a former-Youth Member, I cannot recommend this program enough. I got to have a tangible voice in my community, while being surrounded by inspiring people, learn more about parliament and improve my public speaking skills."

What are you currently studying?

"At the start of this year I was studying Arts/Law at UQ majoring in Political Science and Sociology. But as much as sociology interests me, I quickly realised political science is just not for me, so I am now I studying Business and Law. I actually have no interest in politics - the difference with Queensland Youth Parliament is that you don't have to be into politics at all to enjoy learning and contribute to the program. The most inspiring thing I found was being surrounded by like-minded, passionate young people who all have so many different ideas and concerns to bring to the table."

We love hearing about our Alumni and the difference they are making in the community. We thank you for your passion Shanice, and for sharing your journey. We look forward to hearing about the next Redeemer student who follows in Shanice’s footsteps through the Queensland Youth Parliament.