L.E.A.D Online Workshop

During Remote Learning, the 2022 College Captains had the privilege of attending and participating in a range of diverse leadership based sessions in the L.E.A.D (Leadership Exploration and Development) Online Workshop.

This workshop offered the Captains an insightful day of collaborative learning; ranging from recognising essential qualities of effective team players, to establishing their 2022 Student Leadership Essential Agreement. They identified key qualities of leadership which focused around be authentic and vulnerable. The Captains then focused on recognising their own personal leadership style and how having a diverse range of these styles in the one team is optimal for team productivity.

These fundamental concepts proved beneficial in the afternoon sessions where the Captains had the opportunity to share their leadership story by reflecting on the highlights, heroes and/or hardships they had experienced on their journey which led them to their current leadership position as our College Captains. The workshop concluded with the team establishing their WHY focused on ‘Unity and Connection’.

Last week, the College Captains were officially presented with their formalised 2022 Student Leaders Essential Agreement and their certificate of recognition for participating in the event. The Captains decided to house their signed official 2022 Student Leadership Essential Agreement in their Year 12 space, the Senior Study Hub, to keep them inspired and accountable.