Little Leaders | 2024 Junior School Captains

Recently, our 2024 Junior School Captains, Kiran Glover and Stella Zhang responded to some questions about their leadership role for a Courier Mail article - Little Leaders.

Read their responses below:

What is the most exciting thing about being a school captain?

Kiran: Representing Redeemer in the wider community, attending leadership excursions, giving speeches, handing out awards, running with the Preps at Cross Country and hosting Chapels and Assemblies are just some of the very exciting things that come to mind when I think of my role as Junior School Captain. I am very lucky to be in the position that I am in and being in a role that I can help by lifting so many people.

Stella: I’m really excited about helping others around the College and working with the other Junior School Captains to become a better version of myself by supporting and encouraging other students.

What are you required to do as school captain?

Kiran: As a Junior School Captain I am required to attend a weekly meeting with all the other Junior School leaders, such as the House Captains, Music Captains, Sports Captains and Faith & Service Captains. One of my favourite roles is co-hosting weekly Assemblies.

Stella: I am required to co-host weekly Assemblies and attend student meetings with other Junior School leaders, where we talk about how to make the College even better for all the students. Our theme this year is Lift, and we can do this with our standards and each other. I also have a lunch time duty where I encourage the other students to tidy up any rubbish, so the students at Redeemer have a better environment to thrive in.

What one thing do you want to achieve for your school this year?

Kiran: I want every student to feel a sense of belonging.

Stella: I want everyone to enjoy their learning opportunities like I do, and thrive in their academics, having pride in who they are.