Mt Binga Outdoor Education Reflections

On Friday 22 July, I had the privilege of visiting our Year 9 Group 2 students at Mt Binga Outdoor Education Centre. I arrived at approximately 3.00pm and was met by a group of boys who had just returned from their 4-day hike. The boys mentioned that the hike was challenging, but they felt a great sense of achievement once it was completed. They also felt they had grown closer as a group as a result of supporting each other through challenging circumstances. Students were also completing their afternoon chores, this included cleaning, milking cows, and feeding animals. When students completed their chores, they had free time to play basketball and volleyball, read books or sit and chat with friends.

For dinner students cooked and prepared fish, wedges, and salad. I ate with the Sewell cabin and can say the meal was delicious. After dinner, I ran some fun group activities and gave students letters and parcels that I delivered from school. Students then retired to bed at 9.00pm with lights out at 9.30pm. Students cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast before completing their morning chores of cleaning and feeding animals. Overall, students were in good spirits having made it to the halfway point of the camp and I got a sense that they had grown closer as a group.
- Mr Grant Symons

Student Reflections

On the first day of Binga, Fielke cabin was comprised of 12 individuals who were about to embark on their respective Binga journeys. However, over the course of the next few weeks we would unite into a single community. Although in the first week we were all finding ourselves and settling in, the activities that we did together such as horse riding, initiatives, navigation, and various chores helped the cabin become one.

One particular activity would test Fielke and the relationships that had formed within… The 4-day hike. On the second day of the hike, the boys were split into cabin groups and tasked with hiking to the third campsite. Fielke cabin came together and assisted each other in completing the hike. Although at many times it seemed that we were lost or that some people wouldn’t be able to travel further, the boys in Fielke stepped up and helped each other rather than themselves, a testament to the Fielke values. It also taught us to be more grateful of the luxuries we take for granted every day and overall, it was a very good bonding experience.

Fielke Cabin: Patrick, Oscar M, Alex, Eric, Oscar Z, Chris, Jason, Rex, Ansh, Archer, Sahil and Jacob.

The highlights so far are horse riding, hiking, and the amazing food.

The first week was casual in which we had time to settle in. The activities that we did on the first week were horse riding, initiatives, cooking, navigation, and service learning. They were all pretty chill and eased us into the lifestyle at camp.

The hike really made Sewell feel grateful for everything we have at home and at camp. For example, showers, warm beds, shelter, family, transport, and TOILETS. The hike pushed our physical and emotional boundaries to what we thought was impossible. However, we pushed through and overcame these struggles. The hike was a very fun bonding experience because of all the funny moments that happened.

To conclude, we are already grateful for what we have at home!

Sewell Cabin: Kristian, Lewis, Gabrio, Nathan, Rafa, Henry, Josiah, Michael, Dilyn, Markus, Daniel, and Liam.

When we first started the Binga experience we never imagined how much it would change us for the better. Even though we jinxed ourselves by writing positive on the cabin poster, the two members that have left due to Covid left with smiles on their face eager to return and have some more fun.

Even though we have not always gotten along, we are considerate of other people and have learnt to put others needs before our own. We have challenged ourselves to try new activities such as horse-riding, high ropes and we have learnt how to take care of others and keep our areas clean. We have also learnt how to cook, milk a cow, feed horses, chickens, goats, and sheep and how to clean out bins. We learnt that to succeed as a group we must all put in what we want to receive.

Our highlight has been getting the highest mark before anyone else for the cleanliness of our cabin three times before any other cabin.

P.S. The brownies that we cooked were better than any we could have bought 😊

Parker Cabin: Grace Zhang, Emma Harrison, Ariel Wu, Alexandra Duke, Tanya Lee, Tessa Howlett, Kyla Raine

In the first week, we all struggled with homesickness, arguments and coping with each other’s unique strengths and weaknesses. We have now learnt to accept and respect one another’s differences and this in turn has created a sense of family.

Over the past few weeks, we have learnt how to ride horses, get over the fear of heights, bake new things, meditate, understand how to be independent and most importantly, learn how to grow as a community.

We’re going to face the hike next week (26 July), and we hope that we can overcome new fears, persist through tough times and stay strong.

Richter Cabin: Vonnie, Cassie, Sonya, Shayna, Candy, Mackie and Erika