Multicultural Fair 2023

As I drove home on Friday night, my heart was full.

On Friday 20 October, the day finally arrived and the work being completed in preparation, was excellent to watch. There was energy, excitement and positive chatter amongst volunteers. As a relatively new member to Redeemer, I suppose I had not fully grasped the appetite from both sides for a community event at the College - Staff wanted it to be excellent and parents certainly showed up in force.

The afternoon was a success on so many different levels. I must applaud the team who put it together, in particular Mrs Bianchi and Mrs Lopez! Their vision for the event was much greater than my own and they appeared to predict the popularity of the event far more accurately than I. From 2.45pm, families were arriving and securing seats. For parents, I hope you are aware that with each arrival, our spirits lifted. Very early on, it was clear that it was going to be an excellent afternoon, one that represented fun, enjoyment, community and pride. Our Saviour Lutheran Church and Youth Group were frantically making coffees in the Chapel Hub.

I will refrain from naming each and every act on the run sheet, instead I will focus on the diversity that was provided by the performers. I had the incredible opportunity of standing next to the stage. From there, I could watch the performances, but also look out at the hundreds of people in the audience. Photos, footage and general happy faces helped to demonstrate the mood of the afternoon. I want to acknowledge the solo performers, simply because I believe they demonstrated exceptional courage. Clearly proud of their heritage, they were keen to share it with the community and I believe that is something that few schools would witness. That collective acceptance and feeling of safety allows us to be authentic and celebrate multiculturalism.

Parents and Council members, including returning Council Chair, Hunter Walkenhorst, cooked up a storm on the barbecue! There was even an emergency dash to Coles to double the supplies needed to meet demand. The face painting line was significant and we have learned that we might need two or three in the future. Senior student, Ella Wiech volunteered her time to lead the Hawaiian jewellery making stall. It was a team effort that demonstrated that we all have to play a role in making Redeemer what it is.

I want to clearly state that none of the above happens without a strong community. None of it comes together without people going above and beyond. Time given to such events needs to be equalled by the sense of belonging and passion. As I drove home on Friday night, my heart was full. I was so proud to be a part of Redeemer Lutheran College and its supporting community. Thank you to every single person who played any role, this includes attendance, on Friday. We will look forward to the next opportunity to connect.

Mr Richard Cornish, Acting Principal

See more photos from the event below: