STEAM Club in Term 1

STEAM Club continues to be the hub of exploration and creativity with students delving into captivating activities that blend science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in innovative ways.

Here is a glimpse of some of the exciting projects that have unfolded so far:

  1. Creating a dancing robot using spike essentials – students have delved into the realms of robotics and programming, learning how to assemble and program these robots to groove to a specific beat. During this activity students not only learned or improved their coding skills but also learned about the principles of motion and mechanics.
  2. Designing a miniature golf course with spike essentials – Using their engineering skills, students embarked on the challenge of designing and building their own miniature golf courses using Spike essential kits. Students let their imaginations run wild and fostered a teamwork and problem-solving mindset to brainstorm creative course layouts which resulted in them constructing obstacle filled challenging courses.
  3. Harmonising with Microbits – Students explored the realm of sound by creating and playing music using Microbits. This activity provided a hands-on introduction to coding and music theory, empowering students to express their creativity through the language of music while gaining valuable STEAM skills along the way.
  4. Rubber band instruments – students ventured into the realm of DIY instrument making by crafting their own rubber band instruments. From simple rubber band guitars to traditional Chinese string instruments (guqin) students unleased their inner musicians as they explored the principals of sound and vibration. Through their participation in this activity students gained a deeper appreciation for the physics of sound.
  5. Creating pin hole cameras – students used everyday carboard waste and kitchen utensils such as tin foil to explore the fundamental principles of optics and light. From designing and construction the camera body to experimenting with exposure times, the students who participated in this activity gained a deeper understanding of the Science behind photography wile honing their craftsmanship skills.
  6. Bringing stories to life with shadow Puppets – armed with paper, cardboard, and a dash of creativity. Students crafted intricate puppets and back drops, brining characters, and scenes to life with the play of light and shadow. From fairy tales to historical dramas, students explored story telling in a unique and visually captivating way, experimenting with different puppet designs and movement techniques to convey emotion.

In STEAM Club the journey of exploration never stops with new projects sparking curiosity and igniting the imagination of students who participate. The Science team and STEAM student ambassador committee look forward to running many more activities throughout the year that inspire students to investigate their STEAM skills.

Mrs Sharon McHugo
Head of Science