Redeemer Logo

The Symbol

The Symbol consists of three intersecting lines representing the Holy Trinity and the three core values of the college – Excelling in Education, Equipping for Life and Empowering to Serve.

It also symbolises the college structure with an emphasis on the Junior Years, Middle Years and Senior Years. The shape evokes the impression of open arms, the right enfolding and the left sending out, an expression of Redeemer’s emphasis on pastoral care.

The Colours

The colours of the logo reflect the school colours, three shades of blue. The colour blue is traditionally associated with faithfulness and loyalty. In our daily living we are called to be faithful to Christ the Redeemer whose name the college bears.

The Wordmark

At the base of the logo is the word 'Redeemer'. This is not only the name of the college, but also one of the many titles of Jesus, one which points us to the centrality of his work of salvation. Jesus the Redeemer is at the heart of our faith and of our school.