Redeemer Chapel

Redeemer Chapel is the spiritual heart of the college. It was built and consecrated in 2000 and largely funded by gifts large and small, from members of the college community.

The focus of the sanctuary is a large redwood cross in which the figure of Christ has been carved by the artist, Dr Cameron Stelzer. The chapel and attached classrooms with the doors folded back can accommodate over 1,000 people. There is a separate small Prayer Chapel for private prayer or small services, which also provides a soundproofed area where parents may take small children during Sunday services. The magnificent stained glass windows in the prayer chapel reflect and symbolize the story of the faith and life of the German pioneers of the Bethania Lutheran Community.

Morning devotions are held in the chapel each school day and on Sundays the chapel is the worship home of the Our Saviour Lutheran Church. Services are held each Sunday at 8.30am and 6.00pm.

The Sanctuary

The focus of the sanctuary is a large redwood cross in which the figure of Christ has been carved by the artist, Cameron Stelzer. Cameron explains:

The illuminated crucifix depicts Christ the Light of the World. He lifts his hands to heaven to offer his life as a redemptive sacrifice. The figure of Christ is naked and vulnerable as he would have been during his crucifixion. Christ faces the front of the chapel as the mediating priest between God and the congregation. The resurrection and ascension are also implied through the suspended, unattached silhouette of the body. The changing colours of the cross are designed to correspond with the different liturgical seasons and special services.

The cross is the gift of Ian and Dr Joy Wilson in memory their son Alan (Class of ’96) who enjoyed working with wood at Redeemer.

The altar is of sandstone from Helidon and is carved with the cross and crown of thorns on the right and the cross and crown victorious on the left. The altar and surrounds are in memory of Gladys and Alan Thomas Philips - Gibson, parents of Mrs Carol Appleton (former Bookshop Convenor).

The wooden chairs and the long handles of the processional candles were carved by Brisbane's leading wood master-craftsman Robert Dunlop. The chairs feature three crosses and the wings of angels.

The lectern is the gift of Cynthia Simpfendorfer and family in memory of Redeemer’s first chaplain, Pastor Eric Simpfendorfer.

Baptismal Area

To the left of the sanctuary, the baptismal font consists of a handmade glass bowl set on a tripod of brushed and polished aluminium. The three fins represent the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,a theme which is repeated in the lectern and altar railings. The font stands in front of a sandstone water feature which consists of a background carved to represent the five rivers of Logan, Albert, Pimpama, Coomera and Nerang where the Lutheran Pioneer families of the area settled, and a sandstone basin into which water flows continuously across an aluminium shelf.


The stained glass window on the left of the sanctuary, the Staff Memorial window, depicts the crucifixion and ascension of our Lord. It is the gift of current staff in memory of former Redeemer teachers and aides, Garnet Alcorn, Fred Davey, Vivienne Rohrlach, Eric Simpfendorfer, Gerald Scothern, George Torr, Jim Watson and John Zweck.

Above the baptismal area are windows of blue glass which will be replaced with stained glass windows in memory of Siegfried and Elsie Anna Monz and Friedrich Otto and Anna Wilhelmine Kleinschmidt, the gift of Robin and Noela Kleinschmidt and family.

The joyous Bailey window shows Christ teaching the children and dancing with them. It is a gift to the College from the Bailey family in memory of Bill Bailey, a great friend and supporter.

Prayer Chapel

The Prayer Chapel at the rear of the main chapel is used for private or group prayer, small baptisms or weddings, and also provides a sound proof area where parents of small children may sit during a service. The altar, font and lectern were originally used in Bethlehem Lutheran Church at Bell, and were redesigned for use in the Redeemer Chapel by Robert Dunlop. This furniture is the gift of the Skytte family, in memory of Elizabeth and Anders Skytte, Catherine and Edwin Willis, and past student, Andrew Swanson (Class of ’89).

The magnificent stained glass windows reflect and symbolize the story of the life and faith of German Lutheran Pioneers from 1864 to mid 1880s and is a memorial to them. All the windows in the chapel were made by past parents, Dennis and Chris Ressia ant their studio at Cedar Creek.